Carrier Consulting

May 20, 2016

SIP Communications specializes in a variety of telecommunications consulting.

We hold certifications and experience in many PBX’s for the retail business client – including Allworx, Avaya, Zulty’s, Asterisk, FreePBX, PBX in a Flash, and many more.

We have strong focus in Class 4/5 SoftSwitch consulting as well having worked directly for or closely with many platform developers.


PortaOne Consulting

Based in Canada, PortaOne is a leading global software developer for modern telecoms. The company’s B/OSS and switching products enable telecommunication service providers and carriers to run a broad line of retail, enterprise, SME, and wholesale services on a single integrated software platform. PortaOne’s flagship platforms, PortaSwitch ( and PortaBilling ( are fundamental parts of the business infrastructure for over 400 service providers and telcos in 85 countries worldwide. Over two-thirds of 300 PortaOne staff are support engineers providing the best-in-industry 24/7 technical support services for clients involved in hosted IP PBX and SIP trunking services, calling cards and wholesale VoIP, IPTV and residential triple-play, MVNO and MVNE, SMS, data and voice over LTE, and more. To learn more, visit

We have been working with the PortaOne platform directly and indirectly for years.  Having been involved in many projects including IPTV, hosted IP PBX, SIP Trunking, Pre-paid voice/internet, and MVNO to name a few. We also specialize in custom reporting.

If you require any consulting or training regarding PortaOne contact us today!


Asterisk Consulting

Asterisk can be found in almost any environment in some fashion in the base code of many PBX’s and SoftSwitches on the market today.  Whatever your need with Asterisk is we can help.  We have used Asterisk in countless projects from SS7/SIP integration, to complex multi site PBX, even using it as an add-on paging module for multicast paging on a single LAN.

Asterisk is incredibly diverse and can be used for many applications.
Contact us for your Asterisk related needs.



NetSapiens Consulting

Based in La Jolla (San Diego) California, NetSapiens ( )provides advanced VoIP and Unified Communications technology to the industry’s leading service providers. Incorporated in 2002, NetSapiens is a highly efficient organization founded by seasoned veterans with experience in the industry that dates back to the early 1980s.

NetSapiens are your Smart Network Application People who help make VoIP a SNAP!
While homosapiens stood out with their superior intelligence, NetSapiens shine even brighter with a keen understanding of communications networks. NetSapiens are the next step in evolution; creating and delivering the communication applications of the future.

NetSapiens has a rapidly growing client base who use the NetSapiens SNAPsolution ( to deliver communications services like hosted PBX, call center solutions, and unified communications tools to end users as small as a few residences to as large as major enterprises.

Our team has had both direct and indirect experience on the SNAPsolution ( ) platform for many years and have been involved in a number of projects including: replacing Contact Center solutions with Netsapiens, hosted IP PBX, SIP Trunking and pre-paid services. Along with full implementation to production we also specialize in integrating Netsapiens with other BSS/OSS platforms.

Let us know of any NetSapiens Consulting needs.